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Aeschylus, M. Rennard, N. Hikmet


by Guido Monte & Francesca Saieva


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "To Philip Greenspan" - © 2008 Giuseppe Zimmardi - Size: 11k
To Philip Greenspan
© 2008 Giuseppe Zimmardi



(Swans - April 7, 2008)  

Man: we're in long leaves and clusters of white flowers,

but never a bed for us, from time immemorial at war...

mais je n'espère pas,

in the deep dark I don't find my silence...

Is it so simple our way to Hades?

World Boss: your way, people, from now on

it's only two words: war and death

Poet: so there're no dreams, no more

in the lost parts of earth

is it just
only a lie

what I wrote,
thought, heard?



Collage: Giuseppe Zimmardi, To Philip Greenspan, 2008.


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio). Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo. Read her bio on the page she shares with Guido Monte.



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