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Ramo d'Oro


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


consiros vei la passada folor
e vei jausen lo joi qu'esper, denan

--Dante Alighieri, Purg. XXVI

Pic: "Foglia" - © 2007 Guido Monte - Size: 15k
© 2007 Guido Monte



(Swans - June 30, 2008)  

If you know the Golden Bough, you enter
                              the earth wide opened mouth
to the subterranean sky, to the very end of darkness
and hollow, under the dull light of the black sun—
you pass oceans of shadows, beaches of fallen leaves,
the Angelus Novus who lets not looking backwards
    people cross—you overtake the Father, enlighted
    by fires of future lives, pointing to the ivory door
                                                            of misleading dreams.
An interior, hidden mind spreads
around the universe—
    if eyes opened even for a moment, they could see
    how things really are: slow drops of rain
                                                  on a window pane



Photo: Foglia, by Guido Monte (2007)


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