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by Marie Rennard


Polesy (Polésie) **



(Swans - September 22, 2008)  

The moon was on the sill

Held by a shape of roof,

As quiet as street lamps.

Dark ponds were reflecting shadows

- In the backyard

It was smelling dead fish.

A fat homunculus

Was playing saxophone

As a revenge on God

The melody

Was subdued

And somewhat doleful

His own shadow was dreaming him a giant

Hoarse voiced

Thin shaped and elegant.

A bow tied cat

Was watching at the wall

He fell in love with sounds

With the light and shadow

They got married

And although they could not have kids

They were happy.

But after a year

The fussy cat had to admit

He couldn't stand the smell

And he made away with the saxophone.


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