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Mondana Commedia n.2: Purgatorio
(World Comedy n.2: Purgatory)
A. Phipps, G. Monte, A. Neher


by Guido Monte & Alison Phipps


Multilingual Poetry



(I light up
of immense)
—Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mattina (1916)

Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still

Oshietamou, kamaukotowo, kamawanukotowo
Oshietamou, tada arukotowo
—T. S. Eliot, from Ash Wednesday
(translated into Japanese by Kazue Daikoku)

Pic: "Shackle of Dostoevskij" - © 2008 Guido Monte - Size: 11k
Shackle of Dostoevskij
© 2008 Guido Monte



(Swans - September 22, 2008)  

Dear, Caro, Cara Thank you.
There are
endlessly other worlds

(une mesure de silence)
filling the cracks
the crevices

embroidering gossamer

brightly spinning the
coins of speech across the film
of my breath
patterning with my
gold thread

Não e facíl.
Não e.

[and the thread vibrates
with the echo
a figure, a dancer perhaps]




gratias tibi

unpredicting the future
decreating this woman
unravelling the gold
in her words.

           [comme en apparence de rêve
as if a dream
nous traversons la porte d'ivoire
we're going beyond...]

où donc est la fin ?
l'espérance est dans le risque
et dans son silence

scrivi senza scrivere,
write without writing
pensa senza pensare
think without thinking
para reconocer sombras verdaderas
y sueños falsos

(malgré tout!)

Do continue.
this conversation.



Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Photo: Chain of Dostoevskij, by Guido Monte (2007). It shows a shackle to the chain Fedor Dostoevskij was held on to during his Siberian incarceration at a katorga prison camp in Omsk.


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