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(Swans - October 20, 2008)   As in 2006, we do not have strong opinions or knowledge on ALL the races in the country or for that matter in California, our state of residence, though our focus is evidently on the presidential elections and on California. Overall, our approach is to select candidates that are proactive according to our choices and values, without party affiliation. These recommendations once again reflect primarily the opinions of Jan Baughman and Gilles d'Aymery, co-editors of Swans. They should not be viewed as an endorsement from all the contributors to Swans, though we think that they reflect the views of some of them.


US Presidential Election

» President: RALPH NADER.

» Vice President: MATT GONZALEZ.

Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez are by far the most honest and ethical candidates in this election, and in today's political environment. Not only are they honest and ethical, they are the only ones with a fully-fledged, fully-defined platform. We do not agree with everything they propose (only 90 percent of it!), but we are realistic enough to understand that these two men are the best hope the country has when facing a very uncertain future for us and our descendents. Please vote for the NADER-GONZALEZ ticket. Vote for sanity. Vote to keep third-party candidates viable.


US Congressional Elections

Here is the simple rule: Do not vote for any incumbent with the exception of the likes of Lynn Woolsley, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, etc. Overall, do NOT vote for incumbents, only independents and insurgents.

Two examples: In Northern California, do not vote for Mike Thompson, a corrupted man to the core. Vote for CAROL WOLMAN. In San Francisco, do not vote for Nancy Pelosi, vote for CINDY SHEEHAN -- even though Sheehan is not our cup of tea. The issue here is to throw the bums out, or at least let them know that the "party" is over. We are tired of being taken for a ride, and seeing our tax dollars replenish their personal coffers.

That's all, folks. Time to awaken to the misery these people, with your past votes, have bequeathed us all.

Vote for sanity, please.

Vote for Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez!


California Propositions

The Natural Resources Defense Council, California League of Conservation Voters, Union of Concerned Scientists, and The Sierra Club urge a "no" vote on California's alternative energy propositions. According to The Union of Concerned Scientists,

NO on Proposition 7, which is loophole-ridden and so poorly drafted that it could actually hinder the development of new clean, renewable energy sources in California, like solar and wind power. [...]Based on the experience of UCS experts on the design and implementation of renewable electricity standards in California and across the country, we are convinced that the serious flaws of Proposition 7--such as creating new compliance loopholes for utilities, setting counter-productive policies on energy pricing, and discouraging smaller-scale renewable projects--would prevent California from achieving our state's clean energy goals.

NO on Proposition 10, which would throw nearly ten billion taxpayer dollars into a program promoting natural gas and other transportation fuels that could achieve little or no reductions in smog or global warming pollution. [...] Three quarters of the $5 billion in bond funding in Prop 10 would be dedicated to incentives with flawed or inadequate environmental criteria. Prop 10's rebates give natural gas an unfair advantage over other alternatives, while excluding or providing inadequate support for vehicle technologies that could provide much greater environmental benefits than natural gas in the long run, such as hybrid heavy duty trucks or plug-in hybrid electric passenger vehicles.

On a more positive note, we encourage you to vote Yes on Proposition 2, to reduce air and water pollution from factory farms and create more humane conditions for egg-laying chickens and other farm animals.

Also important in California is Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage. We recommend voting "no" on this measure.

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