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Mondana Commedia n.5: Fine
(World Comedy n.5: The End)
G. Ungaretti, G. Monte, A. Phipps, Genesis


by Guido Monte & Alison Phipps


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "scuola (school)quot; - © 2008 Simone Di Trapani - Size: 11k
scuola (school)
© 2008 Simone Di Trapani



(Swans - October 20, 2008)  

en souvenir de fleurs enterrées

un vent a passé sur ce désert...

nous sommes tels qu'en autumne
sur l'arbre la feuille We stay as autumn
on the trees the leaves

tamas ombres noires
      ombre nere dark shades

on the trees
the apples

des pommes vertes

hovering there
on the high

comme un faucon

from on high
on our belief.

war'a hawat toh waboh
and the land was alone

un coeur vide un soffio
desde de aquel fondo de infinidad
inside that bottom of infinite


la chair de la pomme

sharp to the

sweet with relief
for the woman
picking hope.

je cherche un pays innocent
I'm searching for an innocent land

Und es gibt
nur Schlangen.

And everywhere
above and below
writhing snakes
and feathers
floating to defy



Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Picture: scuola (school), by Simone Di Trapani (2008).


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