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The Journey


by R. Scott Porter





(Swans - January 26, 2009)  

He was brought back
by the song of a bird,
and his soul flew with it.
He wished to be free,
to fly in perfect contentment,
but the power was not there.
Problems crowded his mind.
Life seemed out of control,
and he felt helpless.

He stopped by a rushing stream,
and watched the radiance
where sun met water.
He imagined himself
as a collection of molecules,
receiving pure energy,
reflecting into his eyes,
and he realized
that he was a part of it.

He hiked on toward the mountain,
but did not summit before night fall.
He slept in a hollow, beneath a large rock.
He awoke early, when it was still dark.
The scene was lit by a billion stars and a full moon.
From the first glimmer
to a brilliant explosion
He witnessed the dawn
and felt renewed.

By sheer force of will
He eventually reached the summit.
Only then he realized
that the true benefit
had come during the climb.
Reaching the top,
while inspiring,
was not paramount.
The journey was the reward.


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R. Scott Porter is a General Contractor who lives in Laguna Beach, California, and whose skills and expertise have been featured in This Old House magazine in March 2008. To learn more about Porter's bread and butter, please visit GandSbuilders.com



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