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The Others
Ecclesiastes, J.L. Borges


by Guido Monte
Comment by Francesca Saieva


Multilingual Poetry


Pic: "Ingrid" - © 2006 Gabriele Ingrassia - Size: 7k
© 2006 Gabriele Ingrassia



(Swans - April 5, 2010)  

similiter spirant omnia,
the same breath is for everyone

Ya todo está all is in front of us

f'kull wiehed l-istess nifs
E todos têm o mesmo sopro de vida
the same breath is for everyone

Y todo es una parte del diverso
all is part of the different

Gleich Hauch in allen Lebewesen
En todos hay el mismo soplo de vida
the same breath is for everyone

verás los Arquetipos y Esplendores
and you'll see archetypal lights

todos os seres teñen o mesmo respiro



Francesca Saieva's comment: A sky, but "des Rohen brauchet es auch. Damit das Reine sich kenne" (Hölderlin) And the One that cannot be caught, now is reformed by the wind, between eternal touches and blending of things (Empedocles). He falls to the void if the "it is" doesn't speak (Heidegger). Symbolic hieroglyphics of connected characters (Borges), waiting for the event that we'll see in its pristine face.

Many thanks to the translators: Antoine Cassar (Maltese), Graciela Muller Pozzebon (Portuguese), José María de Juana (Spanish), Paula Iglesias Garcia (Galician). Um abraço to everyone!

Picture: Ingrid, by Gabriele Ingrassia (2006).


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