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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "muro" - © 2011 by Guido Monte - Size: 16k
© 2011 Guido Monte



(Swans - January 2, 2012)   (des relations dans les jours sans but, entre des messages et des produits de marketing que tu achètes et vends à l'instant jusqu'à toi-même dans un marché aliéné, où il n'y a plus de personnes, mais des fausses identités comme des faux masques plus ou moins productifs, et où chacun a perdu son nom every person has not a real name, no more, como personas hemos perdido nuestro nombre...)

and yet
an autumn beach
or donkey's eyes
can still tell
what i really think,
and i'd like to try
to repeat it,
to list names of things
before the shadow line,
original breath
of different languages,
to talk about
pavements and kerbs,
walls' crashed surfaces and
little pebbles, sea shells
and coloured tiles,
drawing pencils and pens,
biros and notepapers,
a jingle-babble
of a down child,
or a clown's
hushed pantomime,
trees and perfect buds,
eyes of a dog
(those eyes are able to surpass
every human thought!)
depths of stars in the dark
and so many fallen leaves
in the middle of november,
old warm waters
of sulphur icelandic founts
and old-new verses that are
mix of past-present-feature,
asana postures
of old himalayan avatars,
white spaces between
the lines of sacred verses,
and migratory birds
or coloured fishes,
and chants of people
without writing,
and about
infinite other things
that walt whitman
usually called



The author thanks Francesca Saieva (French translation) and Olga Milazzo (Spanish translation).

picture: muro, by Guido Monte (2011).


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