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Nulla dies sine linea n.1
(No day without a line n.1)


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


To Naoto Matsumura

Pic: "Ingrid beside the rainbow" - © 2006 by Gabriele Ingrassia - Size: 5k
Ingrid beside the rainbow
© 2006 Gabriele Ingrassia



(Swans - February 27, 2012)  

"we can see now through a glass,
an enigma... serre maknun chun
negah dar 'aine ast dans un miroir
en désordre" paul said,
but i lose every relevant contact,
i stay in the dark shadow
allowing me, however,
to let others rise.
i vanish quiet without any consciousness
or memories... and just when i want
to keep alive something, i write it on a scratch pad
and give it to one only person, with some fragments
of black volcanic rock, mientras qoelet
desde lejos nos invita a hacer fiesta.

everything has already been told,
though we can repeat
and scatter it again, moving it
through wind and dew, reminding others
of the essential, over the inner walls
that usually imprison us; a nod
(el tartamudeo de un vagabundo)
to lead us, one by one,
on the shallow and transparent seabed
of this enigma we are living in,
dark bright mysterious,
pneuma returning home.

(but in the meantime,
on the radio:
"peace and leben in front
of massacre and murder...")



English translation by Alberto Antinoro & Chiara Assante.

The author thanks Olga Milazzo, Azizollah Pourkhorsand, and Shirin Pourkhorsand.

Comment by Francesca Saieva: un pied silencieux est un pas humain dans la vibration muette... "au delà du vide de la lune" il cherche l'abri tandis que les spectres dansent "autour du cercle qui nous enferme" (S. Quasimodo). Quel refuge pour nous, pour toi-même? À tout souffle qui meurt "des entonnoirs de boue brûlante" sur cette terre et neige. Dans l'"Arche de la destruction" quelqu'un syntonise la radio. Silence et après... "quelqu'un bégayera sur les déchets" (Quasimodo), peut-être, seulement des mouettes...

picture: Ingrid beside the rainbow, by Gabriele Ingrassia (2006).


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