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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


"Negli anni sessanta sono cominciate a scomparire le lucciole
In the '60s fireflies began to die out."
—Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pic: "La confessione" - © 2012 by Nicola Spacca - Size: 14k
La confessione
© 2012 Nicola Spacca



(Swans - April 9, 2012)  

everything came up
de la grâce de ta mère
through your mother,
owing to her
you felt your life,
owing to her you felt
your young
communist dream,
pensando en ella
thinking about her
you ventured
into suburbs
of our dead cities
nos villes des morts,
asking people,
whoever they were,
to give and offer poetry.
you had a drink of water
from a fountain, at night,
looking at a dog
on the roadside,
and you were reflected in him
and his infinite desire of life,
his eternal walkabout
out of our world business
just without fireflies
désormais sans vers luisants...

it's your will-testament, indeed:
to keep going along
the poor people's roads,
people that nobody knows,
to think of abandoned dogs
as brothers
sentiendonos hermanos
de perros abandonados



The author thanks Alberto Antinoro, Francesca Saieva, and Olga Milazzo.

picture: La confessione, by Nicola Spacca (2012).


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