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Nulla dies sine linea n.2
(no day without a line)


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


English translation by Alberto Antinoro & Chiara Assante

Pic: "nel vuoto" - © 2012 by Silvia Spacca - Size: 14k
nel vuoto
© 2012 Silvia Spacca



(Swans - April 23, 2012)  

i shuffle and thumb through piles
of books (to read them well
is only for young),
then i lie down for the ỳpnos-sleep
that finally allows us to enter again
the ocean of being, for a while...
half asleep, with just an eye,
here a thought remains before
sleeping, among the rumors of those
that warm you in the cold of forgetfulness,
recalling you to the ancestral
source of everything,
feather-thought pensamiento-pluma
that tomorrow will harmonize me
with the brand new day and with the origins
of creation, here it is:
in the crushed labyrinth of world
stop chasing after theories,
accept the simple sound
of words coming out of chaos;
you don't need to look for words like
a collector of books, truth
is already there, in front of you,
on the balcony, in a face
or on the curbside
la verdad està en un balcòn,
en una cara o en el borde de la acera,
and "spiritus, ubi vult, spirat"
but we can see now through a glass,
an enigma "... serre maknun chun
negah dar 'aine ast"



The author thanks Olga Milazzo, Azizollah and Shirin Pourkhorsand.

picture: nel vuoto, by Silvia Spacca (2012).


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