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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translated by Silvia Dello Russo

Pic: "uomo" - © 2012 by Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 5k
© 2012 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - May 21, 2012)  

on n'existe pas vraiment
we don't really exist
nous n'existons vraiment pas
we aren't able to act
we've forgotten everything,
on peut espérer
en des choses lointaines
we are fragile, weak,
care-demanding beings;
we'd want to take away
any value from life
succeeding in taking away
the value of the death.
there's nothing else to do
but holding on tight
at the roots of the past,
raices del pasado,
in the attempt
to understand ourselves...

now muchos entre nosotros
do not live, but sleep
in the confusion,
dans la confusion,
en attendant la mort;
they do sleep
in our big sleeping cities
just as the billions of rats
that populate undergrounds,
our cities of toxicity
toxicity that we sow even
in the countrysides
sous-forme de enterrados
detritos radioactivos

a labirinth in the void, waters
agua-tempio of vivants, people
ojos, sounds of water again
while similiter spirant omnia
the same breath is for everyone,
mismo soplo of life vida leben
but impossible chercher à comprendre:
impossible to live, yes,
also inside a forgotten way,
tandis que le grand inquisiteur
abats l'innocent



The author thanks Francesca Saieva and Olga Milazzo.

picture: uomo, by Giuseppe Quattrocchi (2012).


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