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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "karimojong child" - © 2006 by Antonella Catania - Size: 12k
karimojong child
© 2006 Antonella Catania



(Swans - September 24, 2012)  

"i was a child, i burned alive by napalm,
and i knew children and children buried alive by napalm,
i knew 500-pound bombs, and anti-personnel bombs.
i knew napalm wounds on the bodies of people.
but i had to remain near my village:
this was my only error, this was my only fault"
and euripides again: "tís d'oiden ei tò zen
men ésti catthanein?
who understands now
if death is different from life?"
and you try not to see it, we try to be blind.

omnia vanitas all vanity.



picture: karimojong child, by Antonella Catania (2006).


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