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Perspectives: A Review of 2012


And... War and Peace 2012


by Guido Monte & his students


Multilingual Poetry


Research by Alessandro Lo Cascio, Tiziana Caspanello, Erika Liga, Maria Carola Megna, Gabriele Caruso, Virginia Lentini, Alessio Salitore, Ada Taravella, Sara Montes, Fabrizio Lo Presti, and Valeria Greco.

Pic: "Guerra e Pace" - © 2012 Pippo Zimmardi - Size: 26k
Guerra e Pace
© 2012 Pippo Zimmardi



(Swans - December 17, 2012)  

"Attack on Nigerian Church Kills 8 and Wounds Dozens" (NYT, October 28, 2012)
and ungaretti: there we are like in autumn, leaves, on trees.

"Death from the skies" (The Economist, September 12, 2012)
and de andrè: and if i shoot at his head or heart he will only have the time to die but i will have enough time to see, to see a dying man's eyes.

"In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers" (Neville Chamberlain, 1938)
and leopardi: the most terrible war is that which derives from selfishness and hatred natural to others...

"The war in Afghanistan brings drugs to Pakistan" (NYT, November 9, 2012)
and muste: there is no way to peace, peace is the way.

"Tomorrow wars will fuel generations of hate" (Enter Shikari)
and valeria: admiring the sea, you realise that the life is too shining to be wasted, just then you will perceive it. the rainbow will be everywhere... even roads and rubbles will pulse of lively colours...



The research was done by Monte's students at the Liceo "G. Meli" of Palermo (Italy).

The last words are by Valeria Greco: e ammirando il mare / ti renderai conto che la vita / è troppo bella per essere sprecata, / sarà allora che lo capirai. / L'arcobaleno sarà ovunque. / E persino l'asfalto e le macerie / pulseranno di colori vivi...

Collage: Guerra e Pace, by Pippo Zimmardi (2012).


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