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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translated by Silvia Dello Russo



Pic: "Guido" - © 2013 by Juyi Giuly Ingrassia - Size: 8k
© 2013 Juyi Giuly Ingrassia



(Swans - June 3, 2013)  

to the person who helps the prisoner's dream and his never-ending inner conversation to the perennial water, auxilium (help) while everything collapses, mentre tutto tace insensato alors que tout est muet et insensé

i feel abandoned, lost and afraid by the years and by the end, and i pray endlessly until my eyes do close in a deep sleep,

seeking the spirit of regeneration, am i seeking what does not exist?

auxilium di fronte al nulla di tutto, auxilium -- help in front of the nothingness, en frente al nada de todo hidden in everything, alors que je cherche de la pitié à donner et à recevoir...



The author thanks Olga Milazzo for the Spanish words.

picture: Guido, by Juyi Giuly Ingrassia (2013).


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