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little pieces of papers, again


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translated by Silvia Dello Russo



Pic: "luce" - © 2012 by Guido Monte - Size: 7k
© 2012 Guido Monte



(Swans - July 15, 2013)  

malaparte used to say that the sun is blind, cronin said that the stars are watching at us, kant said about the starry sky above me, another way to laugh and smile to things

alors que tout s'évanouit, beaucoup de gens pensent quand même que l'apparence puisse les sauver

we are so fake, ever so much that we are surprised when, in our days, suddenly someone says something true

always seeing things with the wonder of the first time, reading the never ending flow of everything in the rain ticking, dans la vapeur froide que l'on souffle le matin

the last trip will be the one of the farewells. It will be the one towards the land of the ancients that have being waiting for you since ever; no baggage, no return; those people are so close but so far... they live in temples that we can still not perceive, ils pensent à des choses que nous ne pensons pas until you'll suddenly leave the people here to find yourself among those old acquaintances, des fantômes qui seront désormais comme des inconnus... in a no rules land, under the black moon, towards an appearance of dream that only then we'll be able to understand



picture: luce, by Guido Monte (2012).


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