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Fragments from silence, n.2


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translated by Adele Ward


I believe that killing any living creature is a bit like killing ourselves, and I don't
see any difference between the pain of an animal and that of a human being.

—Margherita Hack

Pic: "Nepal 2013" - © 2013 by Laura Collura - Size: 14k
Nepal 2013
© 2013 Laura Collura



(Swans - October 7, 2013)  

on the one hand, everything in the world is overshadowed by darkness, on the other, the only thing that saves us is laughing, smiling at the non-sense of it all

invocación del mundo
invocation of the world, by peter: the mountain is the asceticism of the path, the goal is the sun hidden by fog in a landscape of wild, distant lands, rivers and islands, eyes in the dawn...
it starts to rain, communion. small things on the ground, rocks and springs, homely things, a sleepy landscape (seen from the shade of a window with closed eyes), y al final the face of a stranger and friend who reminds me of my mother, que me recuerda mi madre...
and pindar: "skiàs ònar / ànthropos..." man is the dream of a shadow

pirandello in his story "the proof": "God, according to your standards, it is better to talk to animals rather than men"

fragments from silence, fragmentos de silencio: noting short parts of sentences heard in the street, from the conversations of others

every day let us repeat the words of people from distant times and places

drops of rain and glass covered in sand, wind and mist



picture: Nepal 2013, by Laura Collura (2013).

Spanish words by Olga Milazzo.

The author thanks Pierluigi Ferraro and Irene Parisi for Pindar's Greek words.


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