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War and children


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "Tomorrow" - © 2013 by Nadine Kaadan - Size: 16k
© 2013 Nadine Kaadan



(Swans - November 4, 2013)  

empty palaces of death, bombs, all is deleted by darkness
todo borrado por la tinieblas
and winter birds are flying, hunting for better lands

and thirsty little souls migrate to the Lethe river, under a terrible heat
"ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbram"
going alone along death black night
(darkness killed also the colours of everything)

written the sentence
la sentencia ya está escrita

il n'existe plus de maison, il n'existe plus rien
and children to the slaughter, again to the slaughter
in a no gods' land, again to the slaughter
niños encaminados nuevamente hacia la masacre

"no queremos más nada, nous ne voulons plus rien,
nobody can see us, no more"



picture: Tomorrow by Nadine Kaadan (2013).

Since the age of 8, Nadine Kaadan hasn't stopped writing and illustrating children's books -- she simply knew that it was her calling in life. Her mission it is to spread reading culture in the Arab world, in a way that is inspired by Syria's rich heritage. Nadine graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Damascus in 2007, and acquired a Masters in Illustration at Kingston University, UK. Currently she is doing a second Masters in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths University in London, UK. She has published over 15 books in the Arab region with various publishers, and her stories sometimes touch on delicate subjects like the current troubled situation in the Arab world, and other times they are just plain fun. Her book Leila... Answer Me! won the Anna Lindh Award for the Best Fiction Book for children with special needs, and now it's officially being used to teach Arabic language courses at Harvard University, Tufts University and Wellesley College in the United States.

Spanish words translated by Ginevra Spacca.


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