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by Guido Monte and Adele Ward


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "door" - © 2013 by Guido Monte - Size: 11k
© 2013 Guido Monte



(Swans - January 13, 2014)  


"la-kkol zeman" qohelet said, there's a time for everything

l'image du monde en prière devant le soleil...
who's a man? i don't know
(everything dies)
who's a man?
"the forgotten white mountain snow
bound village"


Tsongkhapa, crown ornament
of the scholars of the Land of the Snows,
teach us how all we perceive
is manomaya, made by mind.
It is emptiness, the most meaningful absence:
the absence of a book depends on the book,
and the absence of a man depends on the man.
(Everything dies. Nothing dies.)
Do I contradict myself? I contain yamaka:
no coming, no going; no after, no before;
no birth, no death; no books, no poets.
Who ever anywhere will read these written words?
Signs in a white field.
Cha o konoha kaku
arashi kana—
furious tea leaves scribble
nothings on the storm.



Notes and credits to Adele Ward's poem: lines 1-2 and 5-7 are from the writings of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, line 4 refers to the Dhammapada, line 9 is from Walt Whitman and the word yamaka (dichotomies) is from the Dhammapada, line 10 is from the songs of Thich Nhat Hanh, lines 12-13 are from Ulysses by James Joyce, lines 14-17 are from a haiku by Basho translated by Sam Hamill.

Adele Ward is a poet, novelist, and co-owner of Ward Wood Publishing in London.

picture: door by Guido Monte (2013).


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