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From the Book of Revelation


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "antiche lettere" - © 2012 by Guido Monte - Size: 14k
antiche lettere
© 2012 Guido Monte



(Swans - January 27, 2014)  

what needs to happen for a long time
close on an island, to continue the race
a trumpet sound, and scriptures to distant places.
from the mouth no longer love than before
ya no comunicas el amor como antes.

in the city the hidden manna
and a white pebble
where is written a new name,
which nobody knows.
in beds of pain we're
broken clay pots,
but he
is going to throw us out
of his mouth.
and we remain poor,
blind and naked.

an open door, voices, four shadows

the sealed world
die verschlossenen welt

the innocent man slain
el hombre inocente asesinado

usquequo domine? until when, god?
here are the martyrs, to each of them
a white robe to wait a little longer,
to wait to complete their number.
the earth trembles, the moon is blood,
the god who wipes tears
from your eyes,
je suis avec un pied sur
terre et un sur la mer,
i ate the open book
from the hand of an angel,
sweet the paper in my mouth
but it burns my entrails,
sabor amargo en las entrañas



Spanish words by Ginevra Spacca.

picture: antiche lettere by Guido Monte (2012).


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