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Greek Myths


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "Acqua" - © 2013 by Ruggero Pane - Size: 8k
© 2013 Ruggero Pane



(Swans - April 7, 2014)  

in the beginning nothing, confusing chàos
a gaping yawning mouth...
by chàos that's gaèa, mother earth,
then the darkness, beings of erebus.
then uranus, the sky that covers gaèa,
begat circles able to see
and mnemosyne,
a son of sky was cronus, the time
scythe of diamond, scythe that injured
the father, and the sky seed germinated
in sea foam.

but also the time, as the sky,
swallows his children,
except one, hidden in a cave
to suck the milk of the goat amalthea,
his crying is covered by sound
of shields.

prometheus (pro before, meth understand)
create men by mud and water,
and, after the deluge, deucalion and pyrrha
created by stones, bones of mother earth.
(earth: humus and chtòn)
but they cannot turn round, for not
remaining prisoners of darkness.

ne respexeris, not turn round!

under the flight of birds they say myths,
in the sacred grove hangs the golden fleece,
and the song says: where? where? where?

we forget everything, teaches claude,
because we don't talk anymore with ourselves,
and on the contrary you feel nostalgia when
you talk too much with yourself.

and while things are asleep in emptiness
and are reborn from an endless sleep,
everything blends
in words of love and longing
mots d'amour et de désir
just to remember the past.



Claude is Claude Lévi-Strauss.

picture: Acqua by Ruggero Pane (2013).


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