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A Tribute to Charles Marowitz


To Charles Marowitz


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "B&W" - © 2012 by Nicola Spacca - Size: 14k
© 2012 Nicola Spacca



(Swans - May 19, 2014)  

mataiotes mataioteton ecclesiastes says,
vanité des vanities
ta panta mataiotes all is vanity

and you Charles, on your hamlet:
All of the ingredients are there,
but not in the conventional way.
The characters are there, even if they don't exist

going away from your depths, frémissement, lágrima
now i feel silent boxes city-cimetières exil,
i don't come back and i don't know. only void,
drops that run through waters and empty words.

They're there as inferences, phantoms,
word associations.
So, the performing troupe is made up
of the same people who play other characters

everything with no name (but no ceder a las tinieblas)
to a broken stalk... from a not petrified soul,
and under the sun
leaves full of soot, a red moon of sirocco,
a time without you...
past desire and memory, only that nostalgia

There are elements of Osric, Horatio,
the clown, the gravedigger

nous ne sommes que des êtres faibles et fragiles
tous nécessiteux des soins;
nous voudrions enlever à la vie sa valeur
pour réussir à enlever la valeur à la mort.
il ne nous reste que de nous attacher aux racines du passé,
en cherchant de comprendre nous mêmes
trying to understand ourselves



picture: B&W by Nicola Spacca (2012).


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