If Dr. Seuss Was On This Plane...

by Aleksandra Priestfield

October 1, 2001

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[Friday September 21 10:45 AM ET
4 Arab-American Passengers Questioned

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Four Arab-American men were removed from a Northwest plane when the flight crew raised security concerns, then were allowed to board a later flight, the airline said.

Three of the men, however, told reporters in Salt Lake City that they were removed because other passengers refused to fly with them on board. When the other passengers refused to fly if the three remained on board, Northwest required them to get off, they said.

Killian said that under Federal Aviation Administration rules, "the airline has no choice but to re-accommodate a passenger or passengers if their actions or presence make a majority of passengers uncomfortable and threaten to disrupt normal operations of flight."]


Just go now!
We do not want you on the plane,
We do not want you in our lane,
We don't want you on a bus,
We do not want you near us!
You can choose to stay in bed,
Shave your beard and bare your head,
Tint your eyes and dye hair blond,
Or you can run, flee, go, abscond!
You can go wherever you wish,
Fly like birds or swim like fish,
We do not care where you are
As long as you run very far.

Go away, go back, go home!
Why can't you understand this poem?

Go hungry or have a feast,
But go back to the Middle East
Or Baghdad, or Afghanistan,
Go back, go away to the last man!
We are scared, and so we fear...
What do you mean, you were born here?
What do you mean "land of the free?"
Don't you know that's meant for ME?



Aleksandra Priestfield is a writer and an editor. She contributes her regular columns to Swans.

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Published October 1, 2001
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