My Letter To Government Officials

by Helen L.H. Mader

October 1, 2001

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Below is the text of a letter which I have written and am faxing to President Bush, U.S. Senators for CA, and my Congresswoman (sample below is the one to Sen. Feinstein). I think it is very important at this time to let our government officials know what we are thinking.

I hope you are also concerned about what our reactions will be to the September 11 tragedy. If so, I want to encourage all of you to let your elected officials know. I am listing a few fax numbers and email addresses in case you want to use them. If the lines are busy you may want to send them an e-mail.

President Bush's fax number is 202-456-2461

Anna Eshoo, U.S. Congress 14th District Office fax number is 650-323-3498

Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator fax number is 202-228-3954

Barbara Boxer, United States Senator fax number is 415-956-6701


September 19, 2001

To: Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator

From: Helen Mader - phone 650-XXX-XXXX fax 650-XXX-XXXX
1 page transmitted including this sheet

Dear Senator Feinstein:

Please do not bomb Afghanistan or other countries. It is imperative that we use U.S. intelligence and other resources to locate the terrorists who attacked us last week.

Any attack on the Afghanistan people at large will only create more suffering and violence in the world. It is reported that there is a panic in that country which has already sent 200,000 people fleeing for their lives. If nothing is done to calm that panic, it will further destabilize that entire region of the world; we need to help these impoverished people, not bomb them. Bombing Afghanistan will play right into the terrorists hands and would create a negative view of the United States in other countries' eyes.

I absolutely think that our reaction to last week's events need be and should be a police action and not a traditional war action. We need to find these terrorists and bring them to justice.

We also need to focus on better security measures at our borders and at our airports and other public places.

Please do not start bombing people! Thank you for your attention to my letter.


Helen L.H. Mader


       Helen Mader is a friend and a neighbor of the editors. She is very active in the local community. Both her and her husband, Steve, own and operate a California-licensed General Contractor business.

       Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without the expressed written authorization of Swans, which will seek permission from the author. This material is copyrighted, © Helen Mader 2001. All rights reserved.

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Published October 1, 2001
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