Deadly/ Contrived Syllogisms

A Poem by Jim Craven


"Logic" can be benign,
and yet, so deadly,
it can give the illusion,
of structure,
and yet be an instrument
of brutal anarchy;
"Logic" can help to liberate,
and to heal,
and it can be used to repress and enslave,
and to spread sicknesses;
"Logic" can wear many masks,
or be used to strip the masks away;
If--but only if:
And if--but only if:
"Ergo" , and then ?:
A= ?
It is all so simple,
and yet not so,
and then?
U.S. = Capitalism?
Capitalism = "Freedom"?
"Ergo", and then?
U.S. = ?
Religion X, and ONLY Religion X, is in accordance with / = "Holy Book" Y?
"Holy Book" Y, and ONLY "Holy Book" Y, is in accordance with / = The True
World of "God"?
"Ergo", and then?
Religion X = ?
"Human Nature" = Greed ?
"Greed" = Capitalism ?
"Ergo", and then?
"Human Nature" = ?
U.S. Foreign Policy = Globalization of "Human Rights"?
Globalization of "Human Rights" = Only hope of Humanity?
"Ergo", and then?
U.S. Foreign Policy = ?
Nation X = "Socialism"?
"Socialism" = Barbarism?
"Ergo", and then?
Nation X = ?
can be so seductive,
or penetrating and frightening,
so necessary to enlighten,
so able to bring darkness,
so able to create,
so able to destroy,
like a hammer,
it can be used to build a house,
or to smash a skull,
and build a tomb.

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Jim Craven is a member of the Blackfoot Nation and a Professor of Economics, Business Division Chair, Clark College, Vancouver, WA. Biographical Subject in Marquis "Who's Who" in: The World; America; The West; Science and Engineering, and Finance and Industry. A longer bio is available at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~blkfoot5.

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Published March 17, 2003
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