The fractal empire@usa.com

A Poem by Kahnupad Haider


Surprises! Typing the title I found empire@usa.com
Turning blue

Yet in this fractal empire
This controlled chaos for marketing far
Far away   nothing is natural

An imaginary curve
Imaginary numbers
Trace the topology

Uncountable infinite
The cardinality of profitability
Is larger than any countable

Infinity of humans trees or other beings

Clearly bombs are necessary for this fractal order
People are not---
beyond the necessary capital-labor-energy ratio

The calculated callousness of war overrides the pragmatics of the life-world
Till a strange attractor arises to strangle all the higher order calculations
Ordering  our gentle gifts          nature- life

Death dissipates naturally

Fractious fractals fall to freedom
Utopia annihilates dot com

Emperor of icecream



                                                           chaos               kaos
kyrie eleison

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Kahnupad Haider is the nom de plume Haider A. Khan uses when he writes poetry. Kahnupad is the name of the earliest buddhist poet c. 8th-9th century in Bengal. Khan is an award-winning poet, translator and literary critic. He has written on Octavio Paz, James Joyce and the Japanese Haiku master Basho, among others. He is a professor at the graduate school of international studies, University of Denver, and a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo.

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Published March 17, 2003
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