Equality In Canaan

by Eli Beckerman

March 17, 2003

Soldiers with M-16s and bulldozers
seek to equalize years of brutality
against the Jews, years of oppression,
years of bottom-dwelling subordination,
years of intolerance of faith,
years of hateful myths which led
ultimately to genocides, pogroms, massacres,
other horrors.

Mohammedan Martyrs seek to equalize
the same horrors, the same brutality,
the same hatred, the same subjugation,
the same abandonment, the same zealotry,
the same iniquity, the same humiliation,
the same ignorance, the same lies.

Equality in Canaan to some means equalizing
the death count so The New York Times can read
"since the intifada of 2000, 2000 Israeli Jews
have lost their lives at the hands
of Palestinian attacks,
while 2000 Palestinian lives
have also been lost."

Equality does exist in Canaan.
Moral equivalency lives on in Canaan.
The supreme equality is that the Jews
and the Arabs both cannot take their
heads out of their asses and see 2003
for what it is and can be,
instead of the shameful
histories they see
where their heads are lodged.
Morality equivalent in that it is
not conjured honestly, nor faithful
to their teachings, nor moral
in any stretch of the imagination.
Equal despair, resigned to sorrow,
blood in the streets,
on holy land,
wholly unjust.

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Eli Beckerman is a Green Party activist.

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Published March 17, 2003
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