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by Gerard Donnelly Smith







Upon the tree imperfect peaches, fruit with maggots,
fruit with flies hovering, hovering, hovering
over the sweet juice, over the juicy corruption
like politicians tied with purse strings.

Upon the ground perfect bullshit, shit with flies,
shit with maggots burrowing, burrowing, burrowing
into life's sweet awakening, into corruption's root
like strange bedfellows across the hall.


From the tree perfect peaches, unimpeachable
fruit without blemish gathering, gathering, gathering
into the hands of the unsuspecting peasants
like children playing in the mine fields.

Over the ground seedless shells, shells with death,
death without disguise scattering, scattering, scattering
across the land, over the unwilling, resistant earth
like peaches that fall from poisoned trees.

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