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Mémoire - Oubli (Memory - Oblivion)
J.L . Borges, Eugenio Montale, Paul Celan, Baghavad gita


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva




contemplaría más atardeceres...
—J.L. Borges, Istantes

Pic: "time" - © 2004 Giovanni M. Russo - Size: 13k
© 2004 Giovanni M. Russo



(Swans - June 4, 2007)  

forbice, non recidere quel volto,
es todos los hombres -
si deforma il passato, si fa vecchio,
appartiene ad un altro,
die Nichts, die

na hanyate



[secateurs, don't cut off that face,
it's every man -
the past is distorted, is getting old,
belongs to another me,
nothing's rose,
nobody's rose...

to save
what never dies]



Life, go away, but before let me lapse into you. Because, when everything will be dust, so the scent of my life memories will hold... "dem Griffel seelenhell, dem Staubfaden himmelswüst" ...soul-light, desert-heavens (P. Celan). Because I desire in your flowing, life, the soul pill (R. Nozick) not overkilled by a definite time, not by a common fate: oldness. "Two by two: four...death principle" (Dostojevski).
Changing life, I must remain the same. "Also if my sand grain has a growing winding pearl..." (R. Nozick), also if time...



The authors thank Giusi Chirco. Photo: time (2004), by Giovanni M. Russo.


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