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Polyhedron n.5: World History
Issa, Vergil, Dante, Blake


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva





Pic: "Visage" - © 1975 Maria Venere Licciardi - Size: 11k
© 1975 Maria Venere Licciardi



(Swans - July 16, 2007)  

tsuyu no yo wa, a dew world
in forma dunque di candida rosa
così è germinato questo fiore
just spotless rose shaped,
so it sprouted—

...till a boundless void appeared
as a nether sky beneath us,
inside darkness and a blind prison,
tenebris ac carcere caeco—



In the Eden lost (A. Schopenhauer) little hands hold the beautiful cup (R.H. Rilke), missing image inside the meaningless, the Father Occident blamed for having dimmed the Mother Orient (J. Servier).
Aurore, forme di mondo appena stagliate, nebbiolina di rugiada sospesa, suspended dew mist (Elémire Zolla) -- "holy" open hands, little feet are walking on the asphalt, on the back of a tomb (Hosai). What survives the absurd adult domineeringness? Maybe the first birth whimper, breathing function beginning, pneuma, mother, the breath of life.



Photo: Maria Venere Licciardi, Visage, 1975.


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio).
Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo. Read her bio on the page she shares with Guido Monte.



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