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Shir Hashirim (Part II)
V. Fiorentino, G. Monte, J. L. Borges R. Frost P. Eluard


by Guido Monte & Viviana Fiorentino


(Research for this experiment by Chiara Cappello, Costanza Dimitri and Gianvito Mistretta)



Pic: "Waters/Earth/Light" - © 2007 Giuseppe Zimmardi - Size: 12k
© 2007 Giuseppe Zimmardi



(Swans - November 5, 2007)  

You're the Loved going away
from my depths, you touch
my shaking womb,
con limpidez de lágrima
Bowels was groaning because of him
flowing myrrh my hands
imprisoned by his scent
empty pits roll
silent harmonic boxes
I feel the flowing myrrh
I dream the City,
outre grands cimitières

Please, earth doughters
let rest my fondness
for the lost Loved
(est en exil)
and I don't come back
I don't know her,
Sativa, coming from the desert
Song bride
I roam delighted but I don't find
questions with no answer,
sont vaines
butterfly on just born flowers, nom de rien
Bodhidarma says: I don't know ?
and I awake you,
flowing black birds your hair
if the trees must, let them silently toss
Again around again
Aggàn hassàhar living humors fluid
tomorrow you'll know of blossomed pomegranates
from moods my fruit is crying too
it needs to water you
but of thirst all is desert

As the uncertain harvest
home is empty rooms labyrinth
Incessante vertigine,
taras, cahier d'écolier
only void, thing by blind men's eyes
drops that hollow shades
na anyate, that runs through waters
pareja como el agua
comme le jour dépend de l'innocence
Depth with no light to know, tamas
sans songer à d'autres soleils
Inside a darkness pool here are two spirals
two deep spirals two waters breaks
they net and fecundate each other

secreto sin misterio ni juramento

Two endless spirals



The authors thank Tonya Puleo (Spanish and German translations)

Picture: Giuseppe Zimmardi, Waters/Earth/Light (2007) -- Giuseppe Zimmardi teaches philosophy, and is a well known Italian writer and author of creative collages and videos.

Viviana Fiorentino is a Ph.D. candidate at the Natural Science University of Siena.

Chiara Cappello, Costanza Dimitri and Gianvito Mistretta are Monte's students (at the Liceo ginnasio "G. Meli," Palermo), who help him to search for archetipal verses on the "only Book" ever written.


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