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The Third Law of Thermodynamics
(for Cara)


by Gerard Donnelly Smith


Prose Poem



(Swans - November 5, 2007)  

My heart, like a pure, prefect crystal retains nothing of lust, no wanting, no envy or avarice, no loneliness to cause random distributions of desire. Like water frozen into a flawless sphere, this self melts only under the pressure of your touch. Stillness at the center of being: my soul's vibrations the only movement. Your fingers alone on the strings create the exaltation. If time should reverse itself, undoing the harmony, forcing cacophony and discord, still a single note will zero into the chaos, a single note like a universal constant, a single word expressed at that moment of bliss, when you caused the clocks to stop, caused time to unwind in the symphony of your embrace.


The First Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics


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