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The Second Law of Thermodynamics
(for Cara)


by Gerard Donnelly Smith


Prose Poem



(Swans - September 24, 2007)  

From what I know of love, love can never rest, yet to love one must be at rest; once alone
with each other, everything should be a balance of speaking and of being spoken to, of
being held and of holding, of being moved and of not moving, being in this moment
outside the times that will draw love's rest away; the long sighs for release, for bliss, for
emptiness, for being done with whatever or whomever has wrested you away dismiss my
restless thoughts, until we, bundled again, rest in each other's arms. No, love can never
find an equal value, can never be expended entirely, but always expands exponentially.


The First Law of Thermodynamics

The Third Law of Thermodynamics


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