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The First Law Of Thermodynamics
(for Cara)


by Gerard Donnelly Smith


Prose Poem



(Swans - July 30, 2007)  

Everything moves like water; separating, unifying, droplet and waterfall; wood into
grains, steel molten, in grains sand slips down drifts, and into transparency, mud into
opaque streams, stones slowly slip down; we distil, we dissipate, we dissolve, we flow,
we harden, we melt, we freeze, we shatter, we get misty, we run widely crashing over
boulders, breaking against jetties in green waves, overflowing banks, spreading across
valleys; the earth drinks, the sun drinks; some settle and pool, becoming cool reflections,
others evaporate.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Third Law of Thermodynamics


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