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by Michael Eddins





(Swans - October 6, 2008)  

You see the bitter disgusting ashes
Flowing lightly on the cool breeze
You sit there in sorrow and wonder
You ask how and why it happened to you
No one smelled the propane leak
It just happened,
Exploding when someone lit a match
I was walking my black lab Sady
At the time and was safe
Now I stare at the mixture
Of black and grey ashes
That used to be my home and family
I walk along the hot ashes in despair
With Sady at my side
And see that nothing is left
It's all gone forever
My entire family was in this house
And now they're gone
Burnt to cinders in the explosion
I'll loose Sady at an orphanage
So I take off as fast as I can
Darting through the pitch dark field
With Sady running at my side
I whisper goodbye to my former home
And head into the darkened woods


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Michael Eddins was born in 1993 in Boise, Idaho, and moved many a times before settling in Newberg, Oregon. He is currently attending high school, going into 10th grade, all the while working on writing four novels and maybe a poetry book. He currently lives in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.



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