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Mondana Commedia n.4: Limbo
(World Comedy n.4: Limbo)
G. Monte, A. Phipps, A. Neher


by Guido Monte & Alison Phipps


Multilingual Poetry


...di sospiri che l'aura etterna facevan tremare
...les soupirs qui tremblent dans les échos de l'air
...of sighs resounding in the eternal air

—Dante A., Inferno IV 27
(French translation by Marie Rennard)

Pic: "limbus" - © 2008 Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 13k
© 2008 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - October 6, 2008)  

j'attends, as still living, the dead
les héros muets
sospiri di bambini
childrens' breaths

"The baby's gone
she is gone"
so klein
so ganz klein

she is gone

fleurs hata zikibashiva

from the garden at dawn
dripping with

larmes, Traenen
dew-dropping tears

bright autumn's
on the white


even to be broken
even to be burned

("the whole world
is made of memories"
She says.)

na hanyate, peut-être
memory can save what never dies, maybe

tout se sépare et tout se rencontre


...we once again otages de l'obscurité? prisoners of darkness?
Not when the wood
is white
and she flies
on white wheels
round the island
of skies

réalité sans paroles

limbus limbes limbo obscuridad
waiting warten auf forever
vakuum sea closed

Ashes to ashes

Le tenebre
n'est point

  (ne tiendront?)

Devant toi. beside you

deha deha ciao
(tout se sépare et tout se rencontre...)



It is good to think with others about how languages find their way into the cracks and crevices of our lives -- how they create a gossamer of relatedness which always has an unpredictable feel and future. (A. Phipps)

Hata zikibashiva in Sheng language, means "even to be broken."

Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Drawing: limbus, by Giuseppe Quattrocchi (2008).


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