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Mondana Commedia n.1: Inferno
(World Comedy n.1: Hell)
Dante, Virgil, E. Wiesel, J. Conrad


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


"In front of a beast's eyes, any philosophical system
falls apart like a house of cards"
—Luigi Pirandello, from Foglietti

Pic: "Sguardo di un Asino" - © 2007 Guido Monte - Size: 11k
Sguardo di un Asino
© 2007 Guido Monte



(Swans - August 25, 2008)  

all over the world, l'aiuola che ci fa tanto feroci

the flower bed that makes us so very ferocious,

des enfants chaque jour mouvent vers le massacre

every day children go towards the slaughter

ogni giorno animali innocenti vengono torturati

every day innocent animals are tortured

resonat magnis plangoribus aether and the sky vibrates with tears...

«Où est Dieu?» Where's God?

todo dia animais inocentes são torturados

("the horror! the horror!")



Pirandello's deep words are translated by Giusi Chirco; the last line of Conrad is selected from Heart of Darkness (1902).

The author thanks Graciela Muller Pozzebon.

Photo: Sguardo di un Asino [Face of a Donkey], by Guido Monte (2007)


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