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Fil Rouge (Omnitude)
A. Kushro, A. Phipps, G. Monte, Ennius


by Guido Monte & Alison Phipps


Multilingual Poetry


Life is not a main clause or an assertion, it's instead an interjection...a conjunction, at most an adverb.
—Claudio Magris, Alla cieca

Pic: "non più come prima" - © 2008 Nicola Spacca - Size: 18k
non più come prima
© 2008 Nicola Spacca



(Swans - November 17, 2008)  

Mundus caeli vastus constit silentio
great sky stopped soundlessly

asi sea teerum ata ar neamh
(it's about time, earth of heavens)

aur bin warsha jal jati hai,
Purkh say aaway purkh mein jaai,
na di kisi nay boojh bataai.

...then lightens without raindrops,
it was born from man and returns into man,
but nobody can ever guess what it is.

Such is the mystery of life
the mist of knowing what a man
never can know of the authoring creator
who inhabits the darkness
of the womb and delights
in the wordfolds of flesh.




Known to the woman
who shelters the word-seed
and ponders these things
in more than her heart.



Collage: non più come prima ("no more like before," 2008), by Nicola Spacca, Flugschrift-blending between his photo of an old street of Montreal at night and the sky of Le café le soir by Vincent Van Gogh.

Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.


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