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Smelly Step To The Last Door


by Marie Rennard


Polesy (Polésie) **



(Swans - March 24, 2008)  

When my breath withdraws

When from my bones life goes

As mysteriously as it came.

When my mouth, dried

Gets the late taste of steel

My sight gets dark

When my hands


Lie wide open

And my head shakes

With reeking fears of death

It will be time for a last bunch

Time to withhold

Deep inside

Tiny fragile smells


A yellow blade of straw

The wild kiss of cool air to an apricot tree

The salt into sea winds


And pines

The scent of lavender in forgotten drawers

As crafted and precious

As a Chantilly lace,

It will be time

To take a last

Baroque breath of purple lilac

Melt with sugared white wines

To savour

Familiar coffee

And giddy tobacco

Feel home

Close eyes

Keep for the sill

Keep for the path

The smell of creamy peonies

Trapped on your skin

At summer eves

Between light and shadows.


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