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...Temps Nouveaux
Dante, Virgil, A. Neher


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


...of this astounding life down here
and of the strange clowns in control of it

—L. Ferlinghetti  

Pic: "Pity for the Other in Chains" - © 2008 Guido Monte - Size: 17k
Pity for the Other in Chains
© 2008 Guido Monte



(Swans - March 24, 2008)  

We're near the ferry's black sails,

(African bulrushes drown under the waters)

and here's another old smiling little Boss

...che 'ntorno a li occhi avea di fiamme rote

with firey eyes rolling

to ferry us to the World Death:

umbrarum hic locus est somni noctisque soporae

a land of darkness, of unawareness, of night exhaustion:

mort... avec le silence absolu



The author thanks Virginia Ann Huth.

Photo: Guido Monte, Pity for the Other in Chains, 2008.


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