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Travellers "sans bagages"
G. Monte, M. Rennard


by Guido Monte and Marie Rennard


Multilingual Poetry


To Gabrielle

Pic: "foglie n.2" - © 2011 by Guido Monte - Size: 11k
foglie n.2
© 2011 Guido Monte



« Parmi les asphodèles penchés les aveugles dorment,
un peuple d'aveugles et les asphodèles se penchent
noircis par le gel de l'aube. «

—G. Seferis


(Swans - February 13, 2012)  

we are all prisoners,
people of
otages de l'obscurité
slaves of ending time,
everyone closed
into formas:

then the stop
for you: oscuridade,
where all sleeps,
zeit... vergangen.

now, for us,
only doubts = l'écriture
another different way

"pour parcourir la terre"
as you said
en trois syncopettes
et deux pauses.

now no more voices,
and you apparently mute
no senhal, on our amor de lonh
but the same we try to translate
little signals for
alternative communications:
souffle-breath, signs on
foglie e vento, leaves and wind,
clickings of anima = secret of
memories, they seem
signs de tú respiro

musique fragile
"pour écouter le vent
et respirer la nuit."



Verses of Seferis: translated by Francesca Saieva

Marie Rennard is the editor in chief of le coin français on Swans. See her bio (in English or in French).

Gabrielle, or Gabrielle Capirone, was the mother of Marie Rennard. She was born in July 1938 and died in October 2011. One of her poems (in French) was published on Swans in December 2011.

picture: foglie n.2, by Guido Monte (2011).


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